Tourists Warned To Be Extra Careful In This Bali Resort Right Now

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Police in Bali are responding to the presence of a gang of thieves operating in the Kuta Beach resort area.

The resort is one of the oldest tourist resorts in Bali, but in recent years, its popularity has lessened in part due to crime in the area. 

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Speaking at a press conference in Kuta, the Head of Kuta Police, AKP Ketut Agus Pasek Sudina, said that he is furious about the actions of a group of muggers operating in the area.

His opening gave the gang an ultimatum: leave the area and stop their actions, or face the most serious consequences. 

The gang has been known to be snatching bags and mugging tourists. AKP Sudina told the press conference, “To the individuals (snatchers) who see this news, I say, don’t do anything wrong, don’t disturb the order here.” Salah satu destinasi wisata utama yang ada di Bali😍 Siapa nih yang punya kenangan di tempat ini?? 📍Kuta Bali #balikami #balikamicom #balikamigroup #balikamiofficial #kuta #kutabali #kutabeach ♬ suara asli – Nia Tobing

He continued, “Don’t disturb tourism here; don’t steal anymore in the Kuta area.” Police are following up on over 30 reported crimes in the Kuta area. What is known is that the ring leader is originally from the Karangasem Regency area and is known just by his initials, R. 

AKP Sudina told the press that he and his teams are hot on the heels of the gang. He noted, “We have dug up the information; we already know the plot. “It can be said we already know about these thieves’ gang groups; we will take firm action.”

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In light of the increase in criminal activity in the area, Kuta Police are collaborating with all security forces in the area to carry out large-scale patrols for as long as it takes to make Kuta safe again. 

The Head of the Kuta Traditional Village Council, Komang Alit Ardana, told reporters that the local security teams are happy to work as part of the Integrated Security Team in Kuta.

Ardana told the press, “We are collaborating into one unit, which has the same goal, namely for security and social order in the Kuta area; that’s why we involve everyone. “Hopefully, with this security, we can reduce incidents that could disrupt public security and order.” 

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He added, “What is clear is that we are coordinating under all existing components, in this case in the traditional village; I will mobilize all of that.”

Ardana explained that the Integrated Security Team consists of units from the police, army, Transportation Agency, Satpol PP (civil service police), Pecalang, Jagabaya Security, Beach Task Force, and Linmas.

He noted, “I created this as a form of initiation, where we are very affected by the current disturbances in social security and social security, that’s why we created this.”


As of the 14th of February, Bali’s new Tourism Civil Service Police unit will be out on patrol in Bali’s leading resorts, including Kuta. Aside from keeping tourists safe, one of the roles of the new Tourism Civil Service Police is to improve the public image of Bali, especially in areas like Kuta. 

Kuta is a bit of a sensitive topic in Bali right now. While police and even the Acting Governor of Bali have acknowledged that the resort needs to be cleaned up and made safer, the authorities are also tracking down individuals who have expressed their disappointment with the condition of the resort.


In the last week, the Bali Tourism Task Force confirmed that they were following up on a video. Posted by a travel influencer about the condition of Kuta.

In the now-viral video, creator Corrin shared her disappointment that Kuta didn’t live up to her expectations after months of research.

She said she “hated it here” and would never be coming back. The Tourism Task Force is following up since she made claims that Bali is no longer beautiful.


Shortly after the video went viral, the Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, and the Regency of Badung, Nyoman Giri Prasta, visited Kuta Beach and the surrounding resort.

The Acting Governor acknowledged that more needed to be done to make Kuta thrive again.

He noted, “My impression after walking around was that the place that had been built and arranged in such a way now had the impression of being dirty, with lots of empty, damaged stalls and lots of piles of rubbish.” 


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