British influencer Corrin unleashes on Bali’s Kuta Beach

A British influencer, whose video exposing the ugly side of Bali went viral on social media, is now reportedly being hunted down by authorities enlisted to tackle ‘unruly and disrespectful’ tourist behaviour.

Earlier this month, British traveller Corrin — who posts under the handle @cor98 on TikTok — shared a scathing review of Bali’s Kuta Beach and surrounding village.

The first of her videos, which has gained more than 700k views, was filmed in front of a bustling street in Kuta, a popular resort area in the south of the island.

Scooters weaving between banked up traffic, the influencer fumes on how “awful” and “unbearable” Bali is — a far cry from the “amazing” place she thought it would be.

“Everyone says come to Bali it’s an amazing place to come,” Corrin says to the camera while walking through Kuta.

“But honestly I absolutely hate it … traffic is everywhere, look how built up it is, it’s awful. You can’t even cross the road … the traffic is unbearable.

“I’ve never seen something like this in my life.”

In a subsequent video, Corrin filmed her visit to Kuta Beach and was horrified by what she witnessed on the sand.

“I am so disappointed,” she says to the camera while walking along the littered sand.

“There is literally rubbish all along the waterfront … it literally goes the entire way. What the actual f**k.

“Why don’t people show you this … the beaches are absolutely awful.”

Both videos have been flooded with comments and widespread views, reportedly alerting Bali’s Tourism Task Force to investigate her claims, according to local media.

The Task Force — or Special Public Order Agency — was developed to oversee tourists and foreigners especially those suspected of disrespecting Balinese culture. The Task Force is also required to ensure public order, security, and the enforcement of local regulations at tourist destinations in Bali.

According local media The Bali Sun, the Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, said he was aware of the videos.

“I received this information. Now we are [co-ordinating] the Governance Task Force,” he said.

Earlier this month, another tourist slammed Bali for its horrific traffic conditions and questioned why influencer’s keep suggesting people visit the island.

Richard Monckton uploaded a series of TikToks from Kuta, saying the traffic “stressed him out” and that the island was “f***ing poo”.

“I’ve just come to Kuta and let me just show you what it’s about because let me tell you now it is absolute carnage,” he said in the first video.

“I don’t like traffic so I’m in the worst location in the world and honestly Ubud was the same.

“Everyone else’s experience may be different, but for me Bali is absolutely poo … Thailand absolutely p***** all over this place.”


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