BBMKG Issues Early Warning for Bad Weather in Bali for February 26-27

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Center for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BBMKG) Region III Denpasar issued an early warning regarding the forecast of bad weather in all districts/cities in Bali on February 26 to 27, 2024.

“We urge the public to remain alert and careful about the impact of disasters that could arise,” said Head of BBMKG Region III Denpasar Cahyo Nugroho in Denpasar, on Sunday.

The impacts of disasters that are predicted to potentially occur include strong winds, fallen trees, lightning, floods, waterlogging and landslides.

BBMKG Denpasar estimates that during this period the weather will be hostile in the form of rain with moderate to heavy intensity, which can be accompanied by lightning and strong winds of short duration and will occur in all districts/cities on the Island of the Gods.

BBMKG Denpasar also appealed to users and operators of sea transportation services, fishermen and marine tourism, as well as people who carry out activities on the coast to be aware of the potential for high sea waves reaching around two meters or more.

The potential for high sea waves is in the Bali Sea, Bali Strait, Badung Strait, Lombok Strait and the southern waters of Bali which directly border the Indian Ocean.

During the early warning period, he continued, winds generally blew from the southwest-west at speeds of up to 36 kilometers per hour.

BBMKG Denpasar said that wind conditions and sea waves pose a risk to shipping safety.

Fishing boat users are asked to be wary of wind speeds of more than 15 knots and wave heights above 1.25 meters. Barge operators are advised to be wary of wind speeds of more than 16 knots and wave heights above 1.5 meters.

Furthermore, ferry operators are asked to be wary of wind speeds of more than 21 knots and wave heights of more than 2.5 meters.

BBMKG Denpasar explained that the weather conditions for three days or in the period February 25-27, 2024 were caused by the formation of wind meeting areas which could support the growth of convective clouds or rain clouds.

Apart from that, sea surface temperatures around the Bali area are generally around 29-31 degrees Celsius and wet air masses are concentrated from the surface layer to a layer of 200 millibars or 12 thousand meters.

Cahyo also appealed to the public to follow the latest weather developments/forecasts via the official BMKG page, the InfoBMKG application and BMKG social media, namely Facebook at BBMKG Region III Denpasar, X (twitter) at @bbMKG3, and Instagram at @bmkgbali.


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