Barack Obama And Family Vacation To Bali In Today’s Memory, June 23, 2017

JAKARTA Memories of today, seven years ago, June 23, 2017, former President of the United States Barack Obama and his family visited Bali for a vacation. The holiday is planned to be filled with a series of fun activities. Obama is scheduled to enjoy wild tours, museums, and rice fields.

The visit was considered a blessing for Indonesian tourism. Previously, Obama was the President of the US with the most ties to Indonesia. The man who is familiarly called Barry had lived in Indonesia as a child.

Obama’s political path as a US Senator went smoothly. He was able to convince the Democratic Party that he was the best as a US leader in the future. An opportunity to become a presidential candidate also came to him.

That opportunity was not wasted by Obama. The man who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961 who was paired with Joe Biden was able to beat John McCain who was paired with Sarah Fallin. Finally, Obama was able to become the first US President of the blacks since 2009.

This pride is not only a monopoly of the US people. This pride was also expressed by people who had spent time with Obama in Jakarta. In the past, when Obama was brought by his mother Stanley Ann Marito to settle in Jakarta to study from 1968 to 1971.

Obama was in Menteng school at that time. Those days were a beautiful time in Obama’s life. He had indeed been bullied. Obama often received words of ridicule: death and all kinds of things. Obama also considered the ridicule to be just a wind.

When Obama was annoyed he would reply with the words: village. Obama’s life in Indonesia is in fact a valuable lesson for Obama. Even though Obama during his time as US President had not had time to return to Menteng, including his former school at SDN 01 Menteng Obama only visited after a holiday from Bali in 2017.

This policy (living in Indonesia) even became Obama’s most important capital when he returned to America and then plunged into politics. With Kenya’s black biological father, Indian-blooded white mother Cherokee, and a mature palmo-colored stepfather, he was no longer furious when he got the nickname ‘riping’ from his friends.’

David Axelrod, a friend who later became Obama’s campaign strategy manager, said that when Obama entered high school in Honolulu, his American white friends actually called him the nickname titik from Indonesia. With this multi-cultural maturity he took the political stage, “said Yos Rizal and his friends in Tempo magazine entitled The President of Menteng Dalam (2008).

Obama did not forget Indonesia when he enjoyed his retirement from the position of US President. Indonesia seems to always be in his heart. Obama showed this condition when choosing Bali as a family vacation destination.

Obama and his family arrived in Bali on June 23, 2017. His activities in Bali while being presented only for fun. Ubud was chosen as the place to stay. Obama then visited many museums, rice fields, and played arum Jeram.

Barack Obama’s arrival to Bali was greeted with a bubble. Local entrepreneurs consider the presence of an obama who plans to spend five days bringing blessings. Even the visit is proof that Indonesian tourism, especially Bali, is safe to explore.

“The arrival of former US President Barack Obama with his family for a vacation to the Island of the Gods is expected to have an impact on increasing tourist visits, especially from the United States. The former number one person in the US can be said to be a benchmark, that Indonesia, especially Bali, is very safe for traveling.

This is a positive image for Indonesian tourism, especially Bali. Because important people in the world take the time to visit the Island of the Gods. We hope that the sector, as well as the President Director of Nusa Dua Bali Convex, Bagus Surya Darma as quoted by the ANTARA website, June 23, 2017.

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