Bali’s Firefly Garden Shows Tourists The Magic Of Nature

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Tourists looking to find real magic in Bali should look at a visit to the incredible Fire Flies Garden. This oasis in the heart of Taro Village is one of the best places in all of Indonesia to witness fireflies dancing through the air as the moon starts to rise. 

Fireflies in Garden at Nighttime.jpgFireflies in Garden at Nighttime.jpg

With such a wide range of activities, day trips and excursions to take part in during a trip to Bali, tourists are always on the look out for something a little bit different for their vacation.

As Bali looks to promote more sustainable and culturally respectful tourism, visitors are encouraged to visit tourism villages and participate in community-based tourism initiatives.

Taro Village and the Fireflies Garden tick all these boxes and then some. The Fireflies Garden was founded by I Wayan Gede Ardika and I Komang Petak, who have long worked together to create an organic garden in the heart of Taro Village that spans over an impressive 3.5 hectares. 

Afrika spoke with reporters about the experience tourists can expect during a visit, and how the project came to be in the first place.

He explained that the prospect of firefly conservation was not even on the radar for the green-fingered duo, who were more focused on developing an organic garden when they started out. 

Ardika said, “This firefly conservation destination started with an organic garden. We use natural fertilizers and pesticides, the soil and water are good. I didn’t expect it to actually bring in fireflies. Finally, there were lots of fireflies; we built conservation in the rice field area.”

Fireflies are a key marker of good ecological health; as a highly sensitive species, they do not survive in areas where pollution is present.

If fireflies are around, it is a good sign that the environment is healthy and in balance. Once upon a time, it was possible to see fireflies throughout the year in Bali and in almost every village, garden, and rice paddies.

Looking back at literature, poetry, and memoirs from the early 1940s and 1950s when tourists really started visiting Bali, fireflies are frequently mentioned as appearing in the early evening and, in some cases, were even captured in jars to provide a little light before being let out again when bedtime came around. 

Ardika explained, “Fireflies live in rice fields and on the ground. If we use chemicals, it will automatically be difficult for fireflies to develop. If there are lots of fireflies, it means that nature is still natural; the nutrients and water are good.”


He added, “We have started using natural fertilizer and pesticides made from White Cow dung and organic waste in Taro Village. It turns out that this not only has a good impact on the environment but also brings fireflies to form a typical Taro Village destination.”

The White Cows of Taro Village are a world-famous feature of Bali’s oldest village. Known as Lembu Putih, tourists can visit the sacred cows during a visit to Taro Village and the Fire Flies Garden. 

Stairway in Bali Garden.jpgStairway in Bali Garden.jpg

For tourists who wish to see the magic of the fireflies for themselves, it is very easy to arrange a visit. The Fire Flies Garden is open every day, from 9am until 10pm.

Tourists who wish to come for a visit from sunset onwards must pay an entry fee of IDR 100,000 per person; this ticket price includes a cup of tea or coffee and a small snack plate of The Fire Flies Garden’s signature cassava.

For tourists seeking an authentic and crowd-free Bali village tourism experience Taro Village is a top choice in 2024. Not only are there fireflies and sacred cows to enjoy, but there is a newly introduced homestay program too. 

Permaculture Garden At hotel In BaliPermaculture Garden At hotel In Bali

Other popular tourism village programs include the famous Penglipuran Village in Bangli Regency and Bakas Village in Karangasem Regency, which have also introduced a new ‘live like a local’ experience. 


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