Bali’s 5 Best Beaches You Must Visit

The mere mention of Bali conjures up images of sun-kissed beaches, swaying palm trees, and turquoise waters that beckon travellers from around the world. This idyllic Indonesian island is a true paradise for beach lovers, offering a diverse array of coastal gems that cater to every taste and preference.

From secluded coves hidden away from the crowds to lively stretches of sand where the party never stops, Bali’s beaches are a feast for the senses.


As per Travel + Leisure, Bali’s beaches undoubtedly serve as its biggest draw, with white and black sands descending into seas that attract surfers around the world. From hidden coves that require a trek to bustling stretches of coastline where visitors can savour a romantic sunset dinner or catch an outdoor movie right on the sand, the magazine highlights 5 of Bali’s best beaches.

Amed Beach, Bali

ahmed beach bali

Travel + Leisure recommends Amed Beach, which lines the island’s eastern shore, as a hit among divers due to its thriving underwater scene. The surrounding area boasts undisturbed coral and multiple shipwrecks. Unlike some of Bali’s busier beaches, Amed offers an authentic glimpse into local life, where salt mining and fishing remain prevalent, as evidenced by the many outrigger boats dotting the black sand.

Balangan Beach, Bali

balangan beach bali

According to the magazine, Balangan Beach, nestled between two vegetated limestone cliffs on the island’s southern part, is a popular surf spot with high waves. While swimmers should exercise caution due to the rough waters and sharp ocean floor, beachgoers can relish snacks from local warungs (eateries) and admire the breathtaking views from the golden sand or the cliffs, which offer stunning photo opportunities.

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Balian Beach, Bali

beaches in bali

Surrounded by rice fields on a quiet and underrated stretch of coast, Balian Beach’s black sand fills the dunes and provides an escape from Bali’s more bustling areas, as stated by Travel + Leisure. Visitors can rent surfboards or ride the gentle waves with their bodies to reach the shore. After a day in the sun, the magazine suggests exploring the nearby village of Medewi or sticking around to watch the sunset, as Balian Beach’s westward orientation is perfect for it.

Bias Tugal Beach, Bali

bias tugal beach bali

Travel + Leisure notes that accessing Bias Tugal beach can be a challenge, as it is properly tucked away and reached by following a rugged gravel path through the bushes from the Padangbai ferry port on the island’s eastern side, with a walk of less than a mile. However, the effort is worth it, as visitors can practically have the white sand, coconut trees, and turquoise water all to themselves, savouring the solitude.

Bingin Beach, Bali

bali beach

According to the magazine, Bingin Beach, located on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula in the south, boasts white limestone cliffs that provide a dramatic contrast to the strikingly blue water. This small surfing beach attracts people from all walks of life, with nearby accommodations ranging from surfing camps to boutique resorts and private villas. Its isolated location makes it an ideal getaway for those seeking to escape the crowds. is Jagran New Media’s gender and lifestyle vertical, catering to women of all age groups, helping them remain updated, on-trend and aware. To improve our performance and understand our readers’ interests better, we have created this poll. This will take 2 minutes of your time, do help us out with this link.

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