Bali Tourism Task Force Searching For Influencer Who Slammed Condition Of Resort

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Bali’s Tourism Task Force is on the lookout for a travel content creator whose videos went viral on TikTok after she showed the condition of Kuta Beach and traffic in the resort.

The Bali’s Tourism Task Force was established last year to tackle unruly and culturally disrespectful behavior. 

Birdseye View of Kuta Resort in Bali.jpgBirdseye View of Kuta Resort in Bali.jpg

Travel content creator Corrin, from England, runs a travel blog called Princess As Standard. She shares travel tips and hacks, mostly targeted at solo female travelers.

On a recent trip to Bali, Corrin posted two videos recorded in the Kuta area.

In the videos, she shared her disappointment about the condition of the traffic in the resort and how the roads, in her view, were unsafe and unbearable.

She describes how she ‘hates it here’ and that she would never be coming back. 

@cor_98 Bali traffic is unbearable, no one shows you this side of things when you are researching it is an absolutle nightmare!#traffic #research #nightmare #joke #fyp #bali ♬ original sound – Corrin

In a second video, Corrin showed the condition of Kuta Beach. She showed trash washed up on the shoreline and across the beach.

Though in the second video, she appeared less frustrated, she still expressed her disappointment that Kuta’s condition didn’t live up to her expectations after months of research. 

Based on her social media, she appears to be back in Thailand, a destination she is far more enthusiastic about.

Nevertheless, Bali’s Tourism Task Force is seeking to track her down for her post and claims that Bali is no longer beautiful. 

@cor_98 I just cant belive what i have whitnessed why on earth dont people show you this side of things on the beach. Kuta beach has been an absolutle dissapoinment. I really dont want to be negative about Bali but so far its just been Awful hopefully jungle life is much better! #indonesia #beach #kuta #litter #dissapointment #travelling #truth #fyp ♬ original sound – Corrin

The Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, told reporters, “I received this information. Now we are [co-ordinating] the Governance Task Force.”

The Tourism Task Force itself is tasked with two areas: the Development and Supervision Sector and the Order and Law Enforcement Sector.

Pemayun said the Task Force would investigate the initial information about these ‘foreigners who have given up on holidaying in Kuta.’

Pemayun said, “We research first to make sure it [information] fits, case to caseThis is different. “If it’s like this, then the case is clear, and then we will coordinate with Immigration.”

@cor_98 What a spontaneous adventure next stop thailand! 7 11 Has my heart, if you havent already tried it you must it is honestly so cheap and the best! #thailand #711 #favourite #happyplace #innerhappiness #travelling #fyp ♬ original sound – Corrin

Following the viral video and online dialogue, the Acting Governor of Bali Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, and the Regent of Badung I Nyoman Giri Prasta visited the Kuta area together to look at the problem.

The duo walked around the Kuta Beach area and made sure to walk past the Tsunami Shelter where Corrin had recorded the video.

Acting Governor Jaya told reporters, “My impression after walking around was that the place that had been built and arranged in such a way now had the impression of being dirty, with lots of empty, damaged stalls and lots of piles of rubbish.” 


He also noted that one thing that needs to be arranged is the kiosks and beach stalls in the area. He shared that he hopes that a new arrangement will provide comfort for local residents and visiting tourists.

Regent Prasta told reporters, “So that it doesn’t seem dirty, we will also continue to increase synergy in efforts to maintain security and order so that Kuta will remain a favorite destination for tourists.”


Acting Governor Mahendra Jaya also emphasized the need for synergy among all parts of the community of society, both pecalang and traditional villages, to cooperate and maintain order and security in the Kuta area and its surroundings.

The Acting Governor and Regent were joined on their walk by Bali Deputy Police Chief Brigadier General, I Gusti Kade Budhi Harryarsana, who said that the police were committed to creating a safe, peaceful, and controlled Kuta area.

He confirmed this team will also carry out mapping again to overcome the security problems that occur by strengthening synergy with pecalang and the Kuta community.


In addition to the Tourism Task Force, the authorities are also in the process of training up a new Bali Tourism Civil Service Police unit, which will be deployed across top resorts and attractions next month.


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