A Video of British Tourist Complaint About Kuta Beach Is Dirty and Overcrowded Goes Viral

On 10th January 2024, a British tourist, Corrin, shared a video expressing her disappointment about travel destinations in Kuta, Bali. Corrin conveyed her culture shock, revealing that the reality of the situation in the Kuta area did not align with what she had seen on the internet. She questioned why information about the negative aspects of Kuta’s destination is not readily provided.

In the video, Corrin exclaimed, “Everyone says come to Bali, this is an amazing place to visit. Honestly, I hate it, look at this.” She particularly lamented the highly problematic traffic system and the challenges of crossing the road, even when a zebra crossing existed.


@cor_98 Bali traffic is unbearable, no one shows you this side of things when you are researching it is an absolutle nightmare!#traffic #research #nightmare #joke #fyp #bali ♬ original sound – Corrin

The British tourist emphasized that such experiences were unprecedented in her travels to other destinations. She candidly shared her discontent with the state of tourism in the Kuta area in two separate videos. In the second video, she criticized Kuta Beach for being excessively dirty and filled with various types of rubbish.

Corrin experienced profound disappointment upon learning about the situation, hoping that her video could serve as a consideration for other tourists intending to visit Kuta Beach. The initial video by Corrin garnered a global viewership of over 700,000, while the second video reached an audience of more than 210,000.


@cor_98 I just cant belive what i have whitnessed why on earth dont people show you this side of things on the beach. Kuta beach has been an absolutle dissapoinment. I really dont want to be negative about Bali but so far its just been Awful hopefully jungle life is much better! #indonesia #beach #kuta #litter #dissapointment #travelling #truth #fyp ♬ original sound – Corrin

In the comment sections of both videos, numerous netizens suggested exploring alternative destinations such as Ubud and Canggu. Additionally, many foreign tourists shared similar experiences with Corrin and expressed intentions not to return to Bali.

In response to the viral video by the British tourist, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, the Head of the Bali Tourism Department, explained that the abundance of rubbish at Kuta Beach is attributed to seawater shipments, a phenomenon typically occurring at the beginning of the year.

“Indeed, marine debris follows a seasonal pattern, with December-January being the peak period. Therefore, the Badung Regency Government has acted swiftly to address waste-related concerns,” stated Tjok Bagus on Saturday, 27th January 2024, as reported by Tribun Bali.

Cleaning personnel at Kuta Beach are consistently on standby, collaborating with local traders to uphold cleanliness in the beach area. Meanwhile, traffic congestion remains a significant challenge for the Bali government in Kuta.

Given that Kuta, Canggu, and Seminyak are the primary tourist hubs in Bali, they frequently face substantial traffic congestion. The government encourages foreign tourists to explore other equally beautiful yet less frequented parts of the island in the hopes of alleviating the pressure on these highly visited areas.

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