10 Nightclubs In Bali To Visit In 2024

Nightclubs in Bali

Truth be told, your body can only handle temple tours, yoga retreats, and watersports for so many days in Bali.

Sure, it’s the place to be for those activities. But when you just want to party like it’s 1999, then the island’s dance floors are where you want to be. To help guide you, here’s a list of 10 finest nightclubs in Bali. You’re welcome.

What to take note of while visiting nightclubs in Bali

Before you and your rave-loving gang rush off to have a blast at these nightclubs, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure the fun doesn’t get halted by any mishaps.

Firstly, some of the more upscale nightclubs may impose dress codes, so pack some clothes that adhere to them. Keeping it smart casual is a safe bet, especially for the guys. This means long pants, covered shoes, and a collared shirt, so keep that Bintang singlet for when you’re lounging at home.

A fair share of club-goers have had nasty encounters with pickpockets and scammers, but that shouldn’t deter you from having a good time; just stay vigilant and keep an eye out for one another. That said, do drink responsibly too. No one likes to babysit that one friend who’s had too much to drink, much less in a foreign environment.

For the ladies, keep your drinks close and never leave them unattended, just in case someone slips you a mickey. Some signs to look out for include excess fizziness and cloudiness within your drinks.

Planning your route home beforehand is also a smart idea; consider booking a private hire car via Gojek or Grab so you’re not left stranded when the party dies down. On a lighter note, let’s not tempt the Bali curse and try to find love while you’re out and about too.

Here’s a breakdown of the nightclubs in Bali and where they’re located for convenience:

Nightclub Price Location Dress Code
Motel Mexicola Free entry Seminyak, Canggu No dress code
40 Thieves Free entry Kerobokan No dress code
Red Ruby Free entry from 11pm-12am, afterwards from Rp250,000 (~S$21.22) Seminyak No dress code
ShiShi Nightclub Free entry for ladies, men from Rp100,000 (~S$8.50) Seminyak Upscale fashionable .No singlets, hats, sandals, ripped or baggy clothing, beach, or athletic wear)⁠
VAULT Rp150,000 (~S$12.75) Tibubeneng Smart casual
Mirror Lounge & Club Rp150,000 (~S$12.75) Seminyak Smart casual
Engine Room Enquire with establishment Legian No dress code
Behind The Green Door Enquire with establishment Canggu Smart casual
La Favela Enquire with establishment Seminyak Smart casual
Da Maria Enquire with establishment Kerobokan No dress code

1. Red Ruby

We hope you like house and techno because that’s pretty much all they spin up in this club.

Red RubyImage credit: @redrubybali via Instagram

Featuring go-go dancers, disco balls, and cages, Red Ruby sets the mood for a wild night out. Inspired by New York’s disco scene from the 70s and 80s, you’ll be pressed shoulder-to-shoulder with a crowd that pops, locks, and drops to heavy-bass underground tunes till the morning.

Located on the hip stretch of Seminyak, Red Ruby opens all week, and also hosts several themed nights sprinkled throughout the month. March saw club goers letting loose at a circus-inspired backdrop, complete with free-flow drinks and dance performances to boot.